Honour loved ones and treasure memories, all in one place.

Create an online memorial to pay tribute to your loved ones, keep memories alive and access our grief support network. You can add photographs and an online obituary to Memories Page and
fill your online Memories and stories of your loved one

When a loved one passes away, their legacy lives on. Their stories, quirks, passions and unmistakable uniqueness can remain in our memories forever.

Memories Page is an expression that means “long live”! We believe that treasured memories deserve a special place to exist for eternity.

Many people turn to social media when someone dies, often using their loved one’s profile as a temporary memorial. It makes sense – friends and family members who are spread all over the world want an accessible space to pay tribute. But sometimes, those platforms don’t feel like the right place to do that.

Memories Page is a dedicated platform to celebrate the life of your loved one. It’s a place to tell their story, pay respects, and connect friends and family members.

Publish an online Obituary Notice – Free

The obituary is shared online free while carrying news of the passing of a loved one – and related information like the funeral date, time, post-funeral rituals along with a photo – through social media. Online, you can immediately create a custom webpage of the departed soul and share the link anywhere.

Publish an online remembrance & memories  – Free

A remembrance is shared online. It is created on anniversaries and specific dates in memory of a departed soul to keep the people, who are no more alive, with background and other memorable matters. Online, you can immediately create a custom webpage of the departed soul.